Hybrids are a neutral race in Tengria, they are magical creatures and thence able to cast powerful spells using their body as a natural soulenergy capacitor. They are however rather irenic and tend to have a very short attention span.

Hybrids are either a result of crossbreeding or the result of a rapid release of magical energy.

Elementals Edit

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The Elementals are a special kin of Hybrids. They are a crossbreed of humans and dragons; because dragons posess a great magical power the Hybrids are the strongest magic using species of Tengria.

Because the dragons are divided into four different categories depending on their element, there are also four distinct Elemental races. Namely water, fire, earth and wind.

Lewoth: Edit

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Treehybrids made out of oakwood to protect the forest Ethilwaart from people, who want to destroy the trees and the forest.

Ethilda: Edit

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Little rabbithybrids living in the holes in the oaktrees of Ethilwaart.