The Humans of the North Edit

The Bruzkh are a human race that populates the very north of Tengria. Their existence was first discovered after a group of druids moved to the north after the great rune war and founded "Iceberg", a group of arcane magicians, who believed that the real wisdom lies in the cold and harsh nature of the north. It is nonetheless believed, that they occupied these vast lands for much longer, legends has it that they once lived on gigantic "island-ships" but that has not been confirmed.

The Bruzkh are known for their absurd strength and fighting skill, even though they are rarely involved in fights nowadays. In the early centuries however they were eagerly fighting for land against the local dwarf clans.


The Bruzkh are nowadays also known for their legends, even though only a few were translated, because they are completely different from the southern ones, some examples would be "Swimming islands " and "Crushuz Jic ".